The proverbial icing on the cake is undoubtedly the pond. Visitors will notice the beautifully growing lilies and calamus, while the more observant will certainly notice the swimming carp. The pond is enclosed by a small fence. In the middle there is a small geyser aerating the tank in the background. It looks particularly charming in the evenings, when the hotel lights reflect in the water.

Next to the playground, adults can use an outdoor gym. We know from our guests that they do not want to give up activity during a family holiday or a business trip, so we have organised an outdoor gym. Free access to equipment such as an orbiter, jogger, rowing machine or street workout will certainly help to look after your figure and overall fitness.

If you have any questions about the organisation of events in our garden, please contact the hotel reception:

Hotel Artis Loft
+48 222 56 97 56

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