Feb. 2020
Feb. 2020


There’s no limit to our imagination!

We’ve come up with some interesting pastime options for both private and business guests



  • DJ,
  • Photo booth,
  • Themed evenings, e.g. Las Vegas, Hollywood, Polish People’s Republic, Cosmos, Venice, Pirates and others,
  • Detective games and plays, e.g. hotel assassination, Saboteurs,
  • Bonding tournaments, e.g. Ten to One, Charades,
  • Engineering plays, e.g. constructing Einstein Machines,
  • Escape Room,
  • Digital Wall,
  • Megamonopol,
  • Culinary Workshop and live cooking,
  • Flair bartending and bartending workshops,
  • Wine/whisky tasting,
  • Dancing shows and workshops, acrobatics shows,
  • Caricaturist Sand painting,
  • Quizzes and contests.


  • Paintball,
  • Off-road,
  • Gun-shooting and archery competitions,
  • Teambuilding,
  • Company picnics,
  • Outdoor games, e.g. hunting Yeti, survival, geocaching,
  • Engineering parties, e.g. the Fiat 126 tuning,
  • Guided trips.

These are only some of the attractions we have prepared for organised groups.



  • obsługa Dj’ska
  • fotobudka
  • wieczory tematyczne np. Las Vegas, Hollywood, PRL, Kosmos, Wenecja, Piraci i inne.
  • gry i zabawy detektywistyczne np. morderstwo w hotelu, Sabotażyści. 
  • turnieje integracyjne np. 1 z 10, Kalamburiada.
  • zabawy konstruktorskie np. budowa Maszyny Einsteina
  • escape room
  • digital wall
  • megamonopol
  • warsztaty kulinarne i live cooking
  • pokazy i warsztaty barmańskie
  • degustacje win, whisky.
  • pokazy i warsztaty taneczne, akrobatyczne
  • karykaturzysta
  • malowanie piaskiem
  • quizy z konkursami


  • zajęcia w Akademii Bezpiecznej Jazdy Tomasza Kuchara
  • paintball
  • off road
  • zawody strzeleckie i łucznicze 
  • teambuilding 
  • pokaz pierwszej pomocy
  • gry terenowe np. polowanie na Yeti, Survival, Geocaching.
  • imprezy konstruktorskie np. tuning Maluchów
  • wycieczki z przewodnikiem

To tylko część atrakcji, jakie przygotowaliśmy z myślą o potrzebach grup zorganizowanych.

Local attractions
Artis Loft

There is a multitude of attractions near the Artis Loft Hotel, including

  • the Palace in Radziejowice,
  • two 19th-century churches in Mszczonów and Osuchów,
  • a 19th-century industrial settlement in Żyrardów,
  • an 18th-century church in the wooded village of Lutówka,
  • The Sobańscy Palace in Guzów,
  • the Manor called Kaflarnia,
  • the Grądy Osuchowskie Nature Reserve,
  • the Lviv Museum in Kuklówka Radziejowicka,
  • Thermally heated pools in Mszczonów,
  • the Museum of Automotive Engineering and Technology in Otrębusy,
  • the Rogów Arboretum
  • the Nieborów Palace
Artis Loft

We host
Memorable parties

Almost 3.5 ha of vegetated open space for outdoor parties. Also available is a barbecue gazebo with sanitary facilities and its own bar. We’ll be happy to arrange memorable picnics, feasts, bonfire parties and bonding events for you.
Memorable parties
A St. Andrew’s Day Party to remember

“A St. Andrew’s Day Party to remember”

Yesterday’s St. Andrew’s Day Party night was one to remember. Awfully nice personnel served excellent food, the band’s repertoire was highly danceable – got us into the groove! The rooms were comfortable and breakfast was delicious – we’ll come back to this place for sure. Recommended :)

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